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Heres what TV Guide had to say when they recently voted Conan #6 in

"The Years Top Ten Preformers"

Compared with Conan O'Brien's 1993 late-night debut, the Titanic's maiden voyage was smooth sailing. The critics, lyingin wait for this unknown writer, flayed him mercilessly and suggested that NBC and Saterday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels, who had recommended O'Brien to fill David Lettermen's shoes, had made one of the bone headed hires in TV history. What a difference three years make.

These days O'Brien is the toast (OK mabye the crouton) of the town, and those same critics are whispering his name in the same breath as Letterman and Carson.....and thats pretty high-rent company. He's accomplished turnaround the old-fashioned way: he's earned it, working hard and staying true to his vision of the show while producing funnier more biting, and even classic comedy bits.

He's found his style, his rhythm , and, in the process, his young, hip, and growing audience. During his monologues he still jerks around like batter on a hot griddle, and most nights he still looks like someone who's hopped on stage on a dare. But thats fine by us: Thats what he is, and he's getting to be as good as it gets.